How To: Double Your Treats This Halloween with a DIY Two-Face Makeup Look

Double Your Treats This Halloween with a DIY Two-Face Makeup Look

If you're undecided on a Halloween costume, embrace your indecisiveness with a split personality Two-Face look, or go one better as an amalgamation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the epitome of multiple personality disorder. Or, you could literally give yourself another face, which is pretty much what German artist Sebastian Bieniek did in his recent DoubleFaced series.

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They're like a long-lost Picasso painting of conjoined twins on a living face, and in some cases, conjoined triplets. You can see more of his work here.

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To make it easy on you, makeup artist Promise Tamang Phan has created a video walkthrough for recreating this "Double Face" look for Halloween.

Some of her fans having been dubbing this "FaceCeption" or "Faception" (these Inception-based portmanteaus have got to stop), but it's more like a whole other personality to carry around with you while you trick-or-treat—the perfect costume for getting twice the treats.

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