How To: Create a Halloween leopard or cheetah face with makeup

Create a Halloween leopard or cheetah face with makeup

In this tutorial, we learn how to create a Halloween leopard or cheetah face with makeup. Start by applying a white foundation to the face with a brush. After this, brush in a darker color right underneath the nostril and darken up the eyebrows. Apply a darker color on the sides of the chin, on the bridge of the nose, and on the corners of the forehead. Then, shape the sides of your face and start to blend this in, creating the face of a cheetah. Take your time when blending in, creating shading on your face. Apply a translucent powder over the entire face after this. Then, apply eyeliner and brown eyeshadow to the eyes. Make sure to drag the liner out on the edges of the eye to create a cat eye shape. After this, smudge on spots with dark brown makeup all over the entire face. Next, color in the bottom of the nose with black, then apply whiskers with black makeup and black lipstick. You will be finished after this and can drag it onto your neck to make it even more realistic!

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