How To: Create Fallen Angel/Dark Fairy Makeup for Halloween

Create Fallen Angel/Dark Fairy Makeup for Halloween

Learn how to create a dark fairy/fallen angel look for Halloween with these tips from makeup artist Julia Graf. This look is perfect for any spooky occasion, while also making any normal day out of the year more interesting.

Apply some loose powder underneath the eye. Use an aqua shade eye shadow and apply it in the inner corner and then over the lid. Start bringing it up towards the eyebrow. Take a matte white eye shadow and apply it right underneath the eyebrow to blend out the blue. Also apply some blue eye shadow on the lower lash line. Use teal glitter dry gently over the blue on the inner corner and also on the lower part near the tear duct.

Now grab some black gel eyeliner and with a small eyeliner brush start making feathery lines coming to the outer corner of the eye. Make sure you give it a second to dry. Get some glitter liner and use the same technique to put the liner in between the black lines.

Lastly, fill in the brow with a black pencil. Then apply false lashes and add mascara and black lipstick. For some extra fun, add some rings tones to the ends of your decorations.

To see some pics of the finished look, check out Julia's blog.

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that was awsum great idea keep up the great work!!

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