How To: Build the Ultimate DIY RoboCop Helmet with Cardboard

Build the Ultimate DIY RoboCop Helmet with Cardboard

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me!" That iconic quote from the 1987 movie RoboCop was repeated by kids like me for years. The 2014 reboot introduced the baddest robot-cop on the planet to new audiences worldwide. While it didn't live up to the amazingly high expectations set by its predecessors, RoboCop 2014 did show off some newly upgraded gear.

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The modern look is cool and all, but rolling to a party rocking the 1987 helmet with the retro visor cannot be beat. With Halloween coming up, it's time to start planning the outfit. With this guide, you'll be well on your way to fully automated (fake) policing.

Cardboard RoboCop Helmet

Cardboard savant and YouTuber Dali Lomo put together a detailed tutorial, turning pieces of cardboard into movie replica masterpieces.

Lomo provides PDF print outs for all the pieces you'll need.

Once you have the templates ready, snag some cardboard. Lomo uses cereal boxes since they are easier to cut through and bend.

Make sure to have glue, a ruler, a pen, a hot glue gun, an X-acto knife, cardboard, scissors, and some patience on hand.

Most of the steps require lots of cutting and gluing pieces together. You'll also need to use some molding clay and paper mache to get this thing looking good. Luckily, Lomo provides a thorough 6-part tutorial to guide you as you build.

For more information on this creation and other kick-ass tutorials, check out Lomo's blog.

RoboCop for the Lazy

For the craft-averse among us, putting in the work involved may seem daunting. If you'd rather opt to spend a few bucks and save time, you can cop out (get it?) and purchase a RoboCop helmet (sizes may vary) or the complete outfit.

Oh, and here's the famous line for anyone with 80s nostalgia:

Check out our other Halloween guides for more great ideas, and stay tuned for more tutorials all month long.

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