How To: Build Ant-Man's Helmet & Suit for Halloween

Build Ant-Man's Helmet & Suit for Halloween

Ant-Man isn't one of the most famous Marvel superheroes. In fact, with the news of his individual movie came great doubt that the comic book legends could succeed in telling the tiny story of an oddball hero on the big screen. Yet with its humor and unique story, Ant-Man has become a hit movie in its own right—and the hero will most certainly make a hit Halloween costume.

Buying an Ant-Man costume will look pretty unrealistic, but making your own gives you control how accurate the depiction is. And lucky for you, CineFix has an awesome DIY guide to making a realistic Ant-Man suit and helmet out of cardboard and other cheap items.

To get started, you'll need some common tools, like scissors, markers, a utility knife, X-Acto knife, drill with bit, hot glue gun with glue, ruler, and Dremel (or similar tool). As fro the materials listed below, you can mix them up a bit and replace any item with something similar you may have on hand—the idea is to buy as little as possible for this project.

The Ant-Man Helmet

To create your own Ant-Man helmet, you'll need cardboard, silver duct tape, red duct tape, red gel, black electrical tape, gaff tape, a non-slip mat, Tupperware lids, Tupperware container, two-gallon milk jug, water jug, Gatorade bottle, yo-yo, wooden beads, wire coat hanger, salad tongs, chip clip, two LED book lights, water bottle lid, safety cabinet locks (for the antennas), flexible straws, plastic jump rope (or plastic tubes), black and silver spray paint, curved bowl, compasses, and zip ties.

The Ant-Man Gloves

For the gloves, you'll need rubber work gloves, cardboard, shiny metallic tape, straws, plastic jump rope (or other tube), red duct tape, flashlight buttons, and elastic bands.

The Ant-Man Belt

For the belt, you'll need a belt with circular buckle, tap light, silver and red spray paint, red folder, cardboard, zip ties, straws, little Tupperware containers with lids, water bottle caps, red duct tape, and Velcro.

The Ant-Man Suit

For the suite, get a mock black turtleneck, black leggings, red jersey, cardboard, metallic paint, shoelaces, metallic tape, black socks, and Tupperware container.

For the shoes, you'll need black shoes and some of that red jersey from before.

The Finished Result

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Photos via CineFix

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