How To: Ariana Grande Music Video-Inspired Costumes for Halloween

Ariana Grande Music Video-Inspired Costumes for Halloween

Pop princess Ariana Grande has had quite the year. She released her second consecutive number-one album and is on the cusp of her first headlining tour in the U.S. early next year.

Sure, I probably know too much about Ariana Grande, but that's okay because she's sooo cuteeeee (like I can't even). If you're an Arianator like me, we've got a couple of Ariana Grande music video inspired DIY Halloween costumes that'll leave you with no problem trying to break free from the mold.

DIY Checkered Costume from "Problem"

"Problem" became Ariana Grande's most popular song to date, thanks to a combination of a catchy 90's R&B-inspired funky dance melody, a strong vocal performance by Grande, and the always inevitable rap-verse-at-the-end-of-every-pop-song by Iggy Azalea.

With the help of YouTube fashion and makeup artist CloeCouture, you can get a "Problem"-inspired look, without spending much, if any, money at all. All you need is an inexpensive cotton dress and some tape, and you're halfway there.

Watch the whole video to learn how to do your makeup and hair, with the latter being the popular high ponytail look she's known to rock.

Princess Costume from "Break Free"

While the song may not be as popular as "Problem", the music video for the electronic dance song is definitely memorable. Something out of the blooper reel of an old episode of Star Trek, the unintentionally funny video cuts through shots of Grande shooting rockets out of her boobs, kissing a little elephant-looking alien at the club, and doing some totally-not-so-obvious product placement for a certain headphone company that shall remain nameless.

If you enjoyed the video as much as I did, there's a YouTube tutorial by Tess Christine, which shows you how to get the space princess look from the music video.

More on the revealing side, the outfit is made up of embossing metal and fabric glue for the top, stickers and rhinestones for the face decals, and optional bottoms depending on how revealing you want it to be.

Oh, and you need the high ponytail look to finish it all off.

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Seriously—don't forget the high ponytail. And don't forget to share you completed look with us in the comments below, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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