How To: 8 Nerdy Halloween Costumes That Even the Geekiest of Geeks Wouldn't Touch

8 Nerdy Halloween Costumes That Even the Geekiest of Geeks Wouldn't Touch

Nerds get a bad rap most of the time, but on Halloween, everyone wants to be one. However, not everyone knows how to geek it out without going too far. There is a limit, even for nerds, and these eight Halloween costumes are nerdy times pi.

#1. Mozilla Firefox Costume

Dressing up like an internet browser only means one thing—Google search "single."

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Images via TechCrunch

#2. Scrabble Board Costume

I love word games, and I love Scrabble, but for some reason spelling just isn't that cool anymore. Maybe its because of kids like this.

I gotta give him props though—he got up and spelled it correctly like a champ—which is a lot more than I can see for these Scrabble board costumes. FAIL on the Triple Word Score.

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Images via CHC, Punctuation Marks

#3. Half-Life Costumes

No offense to anyone that plays this game. I like my fair share of computer games, but hardcore Half-Lifers are really in a league of their own. I'm just going off of my own experience. The people that begged me to buy Half-Life and play with them probably still have their collection of Digimon cards, which is why I find these costumes so incredibly nerdy, though, I guess they could be even more nerdier.

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Images via Costume Pop, Greg

#4. Calculator Costumes

If you dress up like a calculator, you bring it on yourself. Seriously, I don't care how big a math nerd you are, a TI-83 Plus and especially a TI-89 Platinum costume is just asking for it. Now, if the buttons actually worked and I could find the value of X with two variables present, you would be a god amongst nerds and geeks alike, and I might just have to give you props for that.

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Images via Math Fail, Kate C Armstrong

#5. Rubik's Cube Puzzle Costume

I know that there are a few methods for solving a Rubik's Cube, but I have yet to master any of them. Once you start talking about algorithms and permutations, my head explodes, so a solved Rubik's Cube in someone's pad makes me think that person thinks he's better than me—and ultimately nerdier. And don't even get me started on "speedsolving."

Images via Designnerd

#6. Apple iPhone Costume

I love my iPhone just as much as the next guy or gal, but these people are just obsessed. Seriously, if I see someone walking around with iOS 7 costume this year, they're getting punched in the face. Especially if they put so much time and effort into building their costume like this guy.

Images via Unschool Plus, AppleFriend, AlvinDJ

#7. Failed Test Costume

A test costume is the most evil costume of all. I mean seriously, school was hard enough. This kid is an asshole. He couldn't even give himself an "A," so I don't know why he's smiling.

Image via Sara

#8. Game Boy Costumes

In the days of smartphone and tablets, only a true geek would still have a Game Boy lying around. And only the biggest geek alive would actually dress up like one for Halloween.

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Images via Matthew P., Flint and Tinder

What's Your Nerdiest Costume?

C'mon, I know you've dressed up in some nerdy costume before for Halloween, so what was it? A social studies book? Pocket protector? Poindexter? Reveal your secrets with us.

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