Keep Your Mouth Shut: This DIY Sewn Lips Look for Halloween Is Bloody Gruesome

This DIY Sewn Lips Look for Halloween Is Bloody Gruesome

Halloween is near, and if you don't have a costume yet, you better start looking because it's going to be a shit show. Instead of wading through heaps of sweaty costumers, making your own costume at home is so much better, especially when you can create something like this:

This awesome sewn-mouth face, by young cosmetology student and Instructables user a_skeleton, is one of the most impressive examples of a mouth sewn shut that I've ever seen.

You can find tons of sewn-mouths on YouTube, like this and this one, but this one just screams gore, and all it took was some toilet paper, foundation, liquid latex, string, fake blood, and a little paint.

To get this impressive stitched lips look, she applied layers of moist toilet paper around her mouth and liquid latex to the edges. The thickness is really just preference. After the latex and TP dried, she sliced a hole in the cover for breathing, making sure to not cut herself or not to make the opening too big.

Then she carefully weaved thread into the outer edges above her lips using a needle, and applied fake blood and black and red paint until it was as gory as she could get it. I say she did pretty well.

For a full walkthrough of this lip-sewing technique and more photos, check out the complete tutorial.

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Photos by a_skeleton/Instructables

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great way to make your friends SCREAMMMMM!! lol

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