Attack on Titan: DIY Eren Jaeger Makeup Effects for Halloween

DIY Eren Jaeger Makeup Effects for Halloween

Video game costumes, as well as some comic-based costumes, are tricky to pull off. Will those who don't play games or read comics know who you are on Halloween? Or will you wander through parties unrecognized?

If you create an Attack on Titan costume, chances are no one will forget your creepy, haunting costume—especially if you go as Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) video games, anime TV series, and manga books. But not Eren's normal self—Eren in Titan form.

Image by Wit Studio/Entravity

Eren is Titan form is very recognizable, and not too difficult to pull off with some simple makeup. However, if you want to go a step beyond basic face-painting, follow along with the video below, by Francesco Sanseverino, a professional makeup artist, to see how to recreate Eren's freakishly frightening face with prosthetics.

Because Eren is a complicated character to mimic in both appearance and style, Sanseverino relies on the help of prosthetics to achieve his look. While using makeup alone is fairly easy for the skilled artist, it won't quite have that realistic feel. With spirit gum and forehead, mouth, and ear "masks," Sanseverino goes from average to intense.

Once these are carefully applied, it's time to achieve Eren's coloring. This requires an even paler complexion, and a series of foundation, aquacolor wet makeup, and adhesive application.

With the teeth, forehead, and skin tone intact, Sanseverino is ready for the next step: details. Because the world of Attack on Titan features characters with lot of exposed muscle, the makeup artist paints on the sinewy features of Eren's visible gums, teeth, and jawline. It's important to make it appear as though Eren's cheeks have been ripped away—and only mere slivers of skin are holding things together.

Finally, it's time to create a head of fake hair. Eren's locks are both carefully styled and thick, so it's important to leave them looking a little greasy, yet perfectly parted. Sanseverino chooses a wig, but the same can be achieved with gel, mousse, and hairspray, if your own hair is long enough.

Now, you're ready to face the next Titan attack on your hometown.

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Photos by Francesco Sanseverino/YouTube

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